Thursday, 20 October 2011

Christmas Trees and Heston's Mince Pies!

I recently stumbled upon this divine little Christmas tree at an antiques fair.  The tree itself isn't antique, new in fact, but it does look and feel quite vintage which appealed to me. 

I also bought a load of smaller Christmas tree broaches to sell but my mum bought them all off me for her Christmas fair!

The tree has been made in a similar style to old paste jewellery and I hate to think how long it actually took to make.  I now regret selling all my broaches to my mum but I do know the dealer is doing a couple of more antique fairs before Christmas so I think I will buy some more from her.  It's just that they are something a little different for the festive season!

Talking of which has anyone tried Heston's (Waitrose) Christmas mince pies!  I think he's missed a trick here.  The pies are different in that they are made with puff pastry but the icing on the cake to speak! is the alpine forest sugar dusting ...and yes the sugar does smell like an alpine forest.

What disappointed me was that the dusting sugar was white, OK images of snow and all that but I think the whole ensemble would have been far more magical with green glitter dusting.  So I've just bought some emerald green cake glitter to decorate my mince pies with this year! ....will I ever grow up!

Until next time, Niki x

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