Saturday, 29 October 2016

How to make your own lavender linen pillow mist - a great sleep time recipe

Research shows that the scent of lavender helps ease anxiety and insomnia.

Psychologists at Wesleyan University asked 31 men and women to sniff lavender essential oil one night and then distilled water the next for four 2-minute periods just before bedtime. The researchers then monitored their sleep cycles with brain scans. On the night they sniffed the oil, subjects slept more soundly, they also felt more energetic the next morning.

The researchers found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, the very deep slumber in which the heartbeat slows and muscles relax. During this phase, the brain is thought to clear out toxins and organise memory banks.

So here’s a little recipe to make your own lavender linen pillow mist.  Always test the mist on an area of linen that can't be seen in case your spray leaves a mark.  

  • Use a good quality glass bottle with an atomiser spray (widely available on the internet).
  • Distilled water (tap water contains impurities which can clog your atomiser over time).
  • Lavender essential oil - it’s best to use the highest quality grade you can afford.  I use ancient wisdom lavender essential oil or you could source an organic oil.
  • Vodka! you can omit this stage if you wish but the vodka helps disperse the oil in water and makes the spray more effective.

Add 30ml vodka to a glass atomiser spray bottle and 10 drops of lavender essential oil or more if you prefer a stronger potion.  Test for strength before adding more oil!

Top up with 30ml of distilled water.

Shake well before use and you’re good to go.  I've also used this recipe as a room ambience spritzer - wonderful in bathrooms and bedrooms.

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